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28 Years of Ambulance Provider Experience

Revenue-Guard’s CEO previously owned and operated one of the largest ambulance companies in the nation. This type of internal experience has allowed Revenue-Guard to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the emergency medical industry to its clients.

Clients Leverage Our 28-Year Relationship with Insurance Companies

Our expertise and long personal history working with the leaders of insurance companies improves your collections and decreases poor reimbursement. When denials and partial payments affect your claims we call upon our key relationships for solutions not just the provider customer service hot line. Our knowledge of all the pitfalls associated with insurance companies and how to navigate their procedures will maximize your cash collection.

Custom Claims Management System

We have the most comprehensive custom billing system in the industry. After years of billing and collection experience we have customized our system to maximize performance. Our system helps us keep track of every invoice, partial payment, under payment, denials and co-payments. Also, our dedicated denial and secondary experts maximize every potential dollar.

Reimbursement Per Claim

Demographics, insurance coverage clauses, established service rates, billing agreements, and aggressive collection efforts will affect the hospital operation “reimbursement per claim”. Revenue-Guard will help a client develop a Revenue Recovery Program which works for them and still maximizes their revenue.


Revenue-Guard offers customized and detailed financial statistics that offer transparency for leaders. Our financial reports allow you to measure and trend our financial performance with extreme detail. Our custom reports allow administrators to project cash flow and handle audits with confidence. This helps with creating operating budgets and smart business development cash projections before expanding services.


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