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Some of our trusted partners include:


Computer Design & Integration

Revenue Guard utilizes CDI resources to meet strict standards for IT infrastructure. CDI manages all the company’s IT matters regarding network security for HIPAA compliance, data protection, storage, recovery, archiving and virtualization. CDI also provides the company with an SAS70 Type II Compliant Data Center.


Ortivus North America

Revenue Guard employs Ortivus to supply it with leading, state-of-the-art emergency information management software. The software covers a wide range of pre-hospital needs such as 9-1-1 call taking, dispatching, automatic vehicle location, vehicular application, medical statistics collection, billing and field data. This proprietary software meets all HIPAA privacy standards. There are seven general areas that may impact EMS business operations. These seven categories of the Privacy Standards include notice, consent, authorization, access, amendment, accounting and recourse. Servers utilize RAID-5 software and hardware insuring data is maintained on redundant drives in conjunction with a rigorous file backup recovery and archival system provided by Revenue Guard’s above highlighted affiliate, Computer Design & Integration.



This critical partner provides Revenue Guard with dynamic electronic data collection and management solutions for the emergency medical field. Their vast array of products allows air medical and ground emergency medical service providers the advantage of mobile access to Revenue Guards web-based data collection applications. Additionally, EMS Charts software enables our clients to rapidly acquire and disseminate data to external organizations and third party software using a number of interfacing techniques. Learn more about our partner, emsCharts


JefBar Software Services

This ESO Solutions product takes the stress out of billing! With set-and-forget automation for virtually any process, that means fewer touches per claim. Revenue Guard is proud to partner with this leading solution built for a changing industry. Learn more about our partner, JefBar Software Services

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