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  • 100% Focused on Ambulance Billing and Collections
  • U.S. Based Billing and Call Center
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Revenue-Guard Services

We are experts in creating innovative EMS solutions to increasing your bottom line.

Revenue-Cycle Management

We are your financial partner in revenue cycle solutions and operational cost control.

Medicare Compliance Training

Revenue-Guard provides In-House education and training to ensure compliance with up-to-date Medicare guidelines and standards.

RAC Audit Simulation

We can conduct a comprehensive Simulation Medicare RAC review of ambulance claims, and medical records, to identify potential issues.


ESO Billing smoothly imports data from any ePCR vendor. For even greater accuracy and efficiency, it can automatically flag missing data from field personnel. It even lets you add custom billing fields to capture any ePCR data point – the ideal combination of automation and configurability.

Why Revenue Guard

Our expertise and long personal history working with the leaders of insurance companies improves your collections and decreases poor reimbursement. When denials and partial payments affect your claims we call upon our key relationships for solutions not just the provider customer service hot line.

Our knowledge of all the pitfalls associated with insurance companies and how to navigate their procedures will maximize your cash collection.

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